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1:1 Coaching

So, you’re ready to get in the best shape of your life?

For over a decade, I’ve helped others just like you get out of their own way, master the fundamentals, and achieve their best results while learning how to sustain it long-term.

1:1 Coaching

Individualized Results-Driven Approach

1:1 In-App Communication

Goal-Centric Accountability

Guided Progression

Sustainable Long-Term Results

Cost-Effective & Convenient

Tailored To Your Goals.

No matter your experience level, we have plans that keep you progressing toward your goals – designed to produce results while being sustainable long-term.

Client Transformations

1-on-1 Training & Nutrition Coaching



3 Month Package


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6 Month Package


12 Month Package


1-on-1 Training Only or 1-on-1 Nutrition Only Coaching



3 Month Package


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6 Month Package


12 Month Package


1:1 Coaching

How it Works




Prime, Perform, Progress


The bottom line is that Austin is a great mind and an even better quality person who is invested in his clients' success.

1:1 Online Coaching

What's Included

Your training program is built from the ground up based on how many days per week you want to train, how long you have for each session, the exercises you love to perform, and avoiding the ones you don’t, all while progressing you toward a stronger, more muscular, and healthier version of you.

Your preferences will guide your nutritional strategy, and our professional experience will drive progress toward your current goals, all while ensuring you’re put in the best position to succeed long-term.

Check-ins and touch points built around your schedule, ensuring you stay accountable to your goals.

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Austin Current

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