Master the Art and Science of Strength Training

Learn How to Elevate Your Workouts and Transform Your Physique

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Science of Strength Training Book

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Austin’s book is an incredible resource for anyone interested in fitness and lifting

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Breaking down the barrier of Entry

A complete guide to strength training

This book aims to break down that barrier, teach you the science behind strength training and how to perform exercises properly (at the gym or at home), and offer clear and straightforward programs for beginners and more advanced trainees alike.

10 things you will learn

The Anatomy and Physiology of Strength Training

Comprehensive Workout Plans

Debunking Fitness Myths

Science of Nutrition

Master Exercise Technique

Fundamentals of Program Design

Injury Prevention and Rehab


How Strength Training Impacts the Brain

How Strength Training Increases Longevity

Strength training is one of the single most effective standalone exercise modalities for improving health and well-being across a lifespan.

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Highly recommend this book for weight training.

This book has been very helpful to me while setting up a weight training plan. There are lots of illustrations and vital information on the basic movements, and in addition, gives you variations on those basic movements. includes multiple training plans at the end. This was exactly the book I was looking for. I wish I would’ve found it sooner.

“The Book” that every science based trainee should have.
3 words: explanatory, entertaining, worth it!
Super informative
If you’re into fitness, whether you’re a gym rat or even a fitness trainer, you will love this book!! Great information and detailed with colored illustration so that you make the connection to what is described. Even my Kinesiology book wasn’t as well written as this book!

A Textbook Written for the Everyday Gym-Goer

It’s the book I wish I had when I started…

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