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Overwhelmed by infinite program design choices and uncertain if you’re truly serving your clients? You’re not alone.

Navigating the complexities of program design can leave in-person and remote personal trainers feeling overwhelmed and insecure, creating a paralyzing uncertainty when making decisions for their clients’ success and well-being. This lack of confidence not only affects the trainer but also limits the client’s potential for meaningful progress toward their goals.

15 important questions you should ask every client

Navigate the Challenges of Program Design with a Proven Framework

Build more confidence in your personal training skillset

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Learn more about the art and science of strength training

4 Rules to Build Bigger Biceps: Effective Training Strategies for Faster Results

By understanding the anatomy and focusing on training your biceps at different joint angles and grips, controlling your rep tempo, and incorporating varying rep ranges and intensity techniques, you can accelerate your progress and stimulate the arm growth you’ve been working toward. These strategies will not only enhance your strength and size but also ensure balanced and effective biceps training.

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Deadlifting vs Squatting: A Comprehensive Guide for Gym-Goers

This guide will teach you how to choose the best exercise for your goals. We will cover the basics alongside some subtle nuances you may not have thought of yet. Whether you’re brand new to the gym or a seasoned veteran, this article breaks down the benefits and muscles used for each exercise while teaching you how to make the best decision for what you want to achieve in the gym.

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Science of Strength Training Book

The Science of Strength Training

Master the basics.Elevate your skillset.

Foundations of Anatomy: The Essential Guide for More Effective Workouts

Gain FREE access to our Foundations of Anatomy guide, where you’ll master the anatomy of each major muscle group and learn which exercises are most commonly used to train them.


You’ve just taken the first step to accelerating client results and increasing your confidence in the training programs you write.

Elevate the quality of your service by learning how to ask the right questions and tailor workout programs for in-person and remote clients.


You’ve just taken the first step to accelerating your results and increasing your confidence in the gym.

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